Hello, greetings from lstanbul.

  • lm a Professional licensed tour guide. l studied guiding at Ege University and have four years education about history mitology, archaeology.l have been living and guiding in lstanbul for more than 5 years. l see myself as one of the few luckiest people in the world who does what she likes as a job. Every single day guiding helps me to have new experiences , meet nice people and see the world from the perspective of each of them, l will be happy to share information about Turkeys diverse culture history and traditions.Take you both to most frequented and also to the hidden corner of stunning city.you will learn in-dept the stories the behind of the churches, mosques and other atractions.You will never be bored in this magical city where there is abounded history art culture food and more.
  • Your choice of travelling to Turkey is our honor and we as well as other Turkish, unconditionally would be glad to welcome you.

Lets discover the priceless treasure of this timeless city.

Keep exploring Istanbul

Never hesitate to go far away beyond all seas, all frontiers, all countries,all beliefs.

Amin Maalouf